• T: Melee
  • O: Monstrosity
  • A: Physical
  • D: Wards

Unlike the necromancers which study the art of binding existing spirits into servitude, the animator creates the spark of life (or unlife) from scratch. By combining bodyparts of various people and creatures into horrific monstrosities, the Animator seeks to unlock the secrets of life and death, while often using adventuring to supplement the costs of his research and supply fresh bodyparts.

Towering walls of undead terror at the beck and call of research obsessed hybrids of science and sorcery do not make the most polite company, although the trade often attracts the more scientifically minded individuals in the Deadlands than any other adventuring class. They do possess a slightly different ideology to the rest of the inhabitants of the Deadlands, however as long as they are pushing around dead things and sending them into battle for the glory of their homeland, nobody seems to mind that much. The inhabitants of the Deadlands are nothing if not practical.