Primary Monster: Outworlder, Secondary monster: Construct

The intimidating Ashpeak Mountains are a sight to behold, running several hundred miles across the horizon, forming a seemingly impenetrable wall of rock, molten lava and billowing smoke. It is from here where most brave explorers and adventurers truly begin to understand what separates the strong from the mighty, as tales of once powerful heroes meeting their doom at the hands of Firegiants, Elementals and even Dragons are numerous. The Ashpeak Mountains do form somewhat of a natural barrier against a fullscale invasion from the goblinoid hordes in the blight, however the chasms which funnel invaders are not easy to defend, and many consider an assignment to this place nearly a death sentence. The mountains are rumored to not have always been volcanic, once being home to a civilization of humans and dwarves, but now lost after the very earth erupted in fury beneath their feet. Now, this land is home to some of the most dangerous and savage of the worlds denizens, and all but the most powerful should steer well clear.

The level range for this location is 35-52.

Sublocations in this region include: