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The Black Seer:
  • T: Ranged
  • O: Solo
  • A: Magic
  • D: Wards

The Black Seers do not believe in wasting time with shambling hordes of minions, believing it beneath them to waste their arcane powers to infuse the free spirits of the dead into corpses. Their purposes are much more wicked, and even amogst those who routinely cannibalize the dead for their bodyparts, there are grumblings that perhaps the Black Seer go too far. Rather than controlling the dead, they consume them as fuel for their deadly arcane magic, banishing their eternal souls into oblivion past the Dead Gate, syphoning off the energy unleashed for their own purposes.

Naturally the Black Seers do not see it in quite so simple terms, however the net effect is the same. For this reason, both dead and living fear the Black Seer and their arts. Indeed, Black Seers often find it necessary to wander away from their homelands from time to time, just to seek fresh batches of souls to power their research, and not let their numbers grow too large in the Deadlands themselves.

Adventuring lends itself perfectly to this need, and also allows them to further their Order's agenda, which to outsiders is shrouded in mystery, but acknowledged to have something to do with either blotting out the sun (as their magic works best in the dark) or worse still, integrating the shadow realm with the living world, in order to make their magic more potent. The worst part is, if you talk to them about it, the Black Seer will tell you that this has already begun.


  • Bonekeep Dawnhalters
  • Xithan Twilight Brotherhood
  • Sepsus Order of the Eclipse

Primary ArmamentsEdit

Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Scroll of Spirit Flick 22 0
Old Scroll of the Ethereal Touch 44 500
Ancient Scroll of the Ethereal Grasp 66 1,300
Almost Complete Spirit Winds Manual 88 2,900
Dusty Book of the Ethereal Choker Hold 110 6,000
Smudged Book of Etherbolt 132 10,800
Thick Book of Ethereal Draining Field 154 18,300
Defiled Scroll of Shadow Dart 176 29,400
Blackened Scroll of Shadow Touch 198 44,100
Power Word of Suffering 220
Ripped Scroll of Shadow Grasp 242
Mouldy Book of Suffocating Darkness 264
Shrieking Shadows Tome 286
Power Word of Withering 308
Old Spellbook of Greater Shadowbolts 330
Power Word of Atrophy 352
Zombie Skin Book of Shadow Bolt 374
Blood Inked Book of Shadow Ray 396
Power Word of Death 418
Tome of Unlocking Oblivion 440
Demonhide Tome of Oblivions Touch 462
Fleshbound Tome of Oblivions Grasp 484
Black Tome of the Howling Winds of Oblivion 506
Large Black Tome of Oblivion Bolt 528
Fleshbound Tome of Oblivion Field 550

Primary ProtectionEdit

Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Simple Black Cloak 16 0
Hooded Black Cloak 32 400
Frayed Black Robe 48 900
Hooded Black Robe 64 2,100
Simple Nightsilk Clothing 96 6,800
Flowing Nightsilk Clothes 112 12,800
Nightsilk Robes 128 21,100
Acolytes Nightsilk Robes 144 32,000
Dark Prophets Nightsilk Garb 176 55,600
Voidsilk Clothing 192
Voidsilk Robe 208
Voidsilk Acolytes Robe 224
Voidsilk Prophets Garb 256
Voidweave Robes of the Seer 272
Voidweave Robes of the Eyeless Prophet 288
Midnight Black Voidweave Robes 304
Necroweave Robes of the Blind Seer 336
Necroweave Robes of the Final Prophecy 352
Midnight Black Lich Robes 368
Royal Lich Robes of the Archmage 384

Secondary ProtectionEdit

Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Black Sun Lense 6 0
Black Visionery Spectacles 30 1,400
Voidstone Eyepiece of the Lifegate 60 11,900
Voidsteel Glasses of Shadows 90
Necrotanium Monocle of the Deadgate 120
Necrotanium Spectacles of Oblivion 150

Primary SupportEdit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Jar of Mourning Flies 8 0
Infested Shrunken Head 16 400
Sack of Deathchirper Beetles 24 900
Caged Ghost Bat 32 2,100
Murky Glass Jar of Spinelessness 40 4,400
Box of Heartwood Maggots 48 7,900
Lock of Zombie Fur 56 13,400
Bottle of Spirit Smoke 64 21,400
Nightsilk Bag of Dreadsoot 72 32,100
Night Wolf Amulet 80
Rotting Demon Horn 88
Splintered Hopechest Wood Necklace 96
Lock of Banshee Hair 104
Voidsilk Satchel of Soul Rust 112
Bottle of Shadow Smoke 120
Preserved Demon Horn 128
Fallen Heroes Shrunked Head 136
Demonbone Rod of the Underworld 144
Box of Vampire Fangs 152
Set of Kings Knuckles 160
Trophy Demon Horn 168
Midnight Sceptre of Oblivion 176
Bottled Shadowfiend Essence 184
Sinister Hourglass of Eternal Night 192
Archmage Staff of Oblivion 200

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+590 AR to start, +22 AR per upgrade)

- Tome of Infinite Darkness

- Scrolls of Vile Consumption and Shadow

- Power Word Obliterate

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+410 DR to start, +15 DR per upgrade)

- Umbral Cloak of Dusk

- Shadowscale Lich Robe

- Garb of Shredded Etherweave

SECONDARY PROTECTION (+180 DR to start, +7 DR per upgrade)

- Spectral Lenses of the Watcher

- Etherium Lenses of the Seeker

- Black Starsteel Monocle of Clarity

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+210 AR/DR to start, +8 AR/DR per upgrade)

- Grand Nosferatu Head in a Jar

- Etherium Latern of Pure Darkness

- Trapped Shadowlord Essence