For as long as anyone can remember the portal to Celestus has remained in the Crossroads, acting as a conduit to the so called higher powers. In truth, the inhabitants of this place are just as intolerant of outsiders setting foot in their domain as the vilest demon and have no patience for prime material planeswalkers who think they can trespass on their sacred ground. The gates to this immense palace are made from metals which should be impossible to create and forge under normal circumstances, and for a long time have stood as a barrier against the brief and unsuccessful attacks by denizens of the lower planes. With the rifts breaking open all over the place, however, the once impenetrable defences of this place have started to crumble, and fiends, thieves and explorers have all taken this opportunity to see what lies behind the legendary Platinum Veil. Rumor has it that not everything is as heavenly as they would have you believe in the holiday brochure.

Sublocation for Planar Crossroads.

TRAP TYPES: AP Drain, Damage, Theft

MONSTER TYPES: Demon, Elemental, Humanoid