Legend has it the land of Craeth was once a hospitable place; prosperous and possessed of a kind of rugged beauty. Then something catastrophic happened, a terrible impact that tore the earth to pieces, leaving behind a broken land. Now countless miles of towering ashen canyons form a shattered web across the landscape, a reminder of the ancient cataclysm. Twisted peaks of charcoal-coloured rock give way to yawning rifts, exposing the colourful strata of millions of years of geological history. Hints of civilization can be seen here and there - a rope bridge, an ancient ruin, or a reinforced mineshaft - but make no mistake: savagery rules this land. Today, rumours of opportunity and riches have drawn fortune-seekers, exploiters and adventurers alike. Most are attracted by the lure of the previously unknown magical ore known as Stregatite, which is said to have amazing properties. Since its discovery, the cliffs of Craeth have run red with blood and treachery. - Original Dragon Tavern Description

Level range of this location: 30 - 45

Sublocations of this region include: