The Daggerspine Mountains, while not overly high, reach far across the landscape forming a natural barrier between the civilized lands and the wildlands beyond. The mountains are not the snow covered landscape of the Skyclaw Mountain ridge, but rather an endless tree covered series of peaks and valleys, arranged in the shape of a spine, with a large spiney outcrop of stone across the apex of each mountain. Inhabiting the mountains are all manner of bandits and monsters, using the natural landscape to remain hidden and set up lairs in defensible positions against intruders. Naturally they don't all get along, and it's not uncommon to come across several groups battling amongst themselves for territory or plunder. The wildlife and natural resources of the Daggerspine are quite valuable however, so settlers periodically make attempts to tame this wild region, usually resulting in a quick and nasty demise. Adventurers are most welcome by these pioneers, as they are expert at culling the monster population, bringing huge hauls of treasure back to sell to the locals. Most locals eagerly await news of the prominent kingdoms sending troops to garrison their settlement long enough to get it established as a trading post.

Region levels: 10-25

Sub-locations in this region include: