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"The Deadlands are ruled by the mysterious Gate Council, immortal sorcerors said to have found the secret to immortality in their quest for holding their lands safe in times past. While their methods may seem evil and at best unthinkable to outsiders, their use of enslaved undead creatures is typically to defend against the hordes of foes set on taking their cities and butchering their population, and has proven to be such an effective tactic, that the manipulation of the Life Gate and Death Gate by magic has become an accepted part of living in the Deadlands.

In ages past with their imminent doom at the hands of the troll and lizardman hordes of Dreadmarsh rapidly approaching, the lords of the Deadlands, or Vitheka as it was known at the time, were forced to look at the previously banned arts of necromancy in a last ditch attempt to survive. With the recovery of several key magical tomes by champions of the land, they delved body and soul into the study of the Twin Gates, and learned how to unravel the very secrets of life and death.

With the enemy at their walls, what would become known as the Gate Council used their newfound magic to raise an army of the dead (both their own brave soldiers, and fallen enemy soldiers) and drove back the hordes into the swamps with such ferocity and tenacity, that no further raids were conducted for several decades. During this time of peace, the society was forced to accept, and then embrace necromancy as their only means of survival. As the centuries wore on, it became an inseperable part of their culture, with most political factions, knightly orders, schools of magic and even entertainment becoming saturated with death magic.

Now, the Deadlands stand as a bastion of misunderstood defenders against the hordes of swamp dwellers who would like nothing better than to break through and gorge on the civilized lands of other realms. The people of the Deadlands understand that their ways will never be accepted by outsiders, but when the alternative is becoming a troll's dinner, there's no choice to make really."

The Deadlands or Vitheka are the most magic/mana oriented faction in the game. The story has it that they had to turn to the dark magics and necromancy to survive the countless attacks from the Troll and Lizardmen hordes that had constantly been attacking them. the nationalities location by story is in the Dreadmarsh.

Settlements in The deadlands

  • Sepsus
  • The Great Spine
  • Bonekeep
  • Soulforge
  • Xithan

Classes of the Deadlands include: