Dragon Tavern is a tavern situated between the three nearby realms of the Mountain Kingdoms, the Steel Empire, and the Deadlands. The tavern is open all hours and offers accommodation, food and drink to suit all tastes and budgets. A range of shops, training facilities and merchants are located nearby the tavern. Dragon Tavern is neutral territory. Conflict within the tavern and in the surrounding area is strictly forbidden.

Shops and trainersEdit

The following shops and trainers are available to visiting adventurers:

  • Armament Shop - sells primary and secondary armament to increase AR
  • Protection Shop - sells protection to increase DR
  • Support Shop - sells support gear to improve AR and DR
  • Ultimate Equipment Shop - sells upgradeable ultimate equipment to high level characters
  • Advantages Dealer - players can spend credits to purchase advantages
  • Skill Trainer - players can assign skill points
  • Immortals Hall - players can remort and upgrade Immortal Skills

At the BarEdit

Adventurers visiting Dragon Tavern can purchase drinks, gamble, listen to recent happenings and view their own recent personal deeds.