The Dreadmarsh is known for many things, almost all of them bad. Home to armies of lizardmen, trolls, undead and giants, it's been a thorn in the side of civilization for as long as anyone can remember. The Deadlands in particular have suffered greatly in the past at the hands and claws of the swamp hordes, which in turn drove them towards their heavy reliance on necromancy as a survival mechanism to try and counter the overwhelming odds against them. What can be seen are large tracts of mud, shallow waterways, more mud, foul smelling burrows, even more mud, scattered hills dotted with trees and thorny undergrowth, and you guessed it, more mud. The smell, as should be obvious by now, is hideous, and thats not half as bad as it gets when the fog and gas are heaviest in the winter months. Yet despite all this, the Dreadmarsh is a tempting target for would be adventurers. It's full of old ruins, the cities of its inhabitants, and a few other places where riches can be found and plundered. And for those less financially motivated, emptying the lands of a few of the Dreadmarsh's inhabitants is sure to earn a fair amount of gratitude in almost every part of the world.

The Level range for this location is levels 25-40.

Sub-locations in this region include: