• Berzerker

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    T: Melee
  • O: solo
  • A: physical
  • D: Evasion

The Dwarves of Skyclaw Ridge's love of alcohol and violence is legendary, and it's no surprise that their mightiest warriors have both in abundance. The Berzerkers of the dwarves might be said to be little more than drunken louts by some (and usually not to their face) however this misses the underlying artform of their technique in combat. Working themselves into a battle frenzy that actually gets more potent with their beverages (which occasionally take on magical properties) and charging off into battle, weapons flailing leaving a path of death and destruction in their wake.

This mad ferocity is how they have earned themselves names as fierce warriors and mighty adventurers, with a reputation for being in the thick of any battle that crosses their path. They may lack the sense of self preservation that most others have, but the years of training (also known as drinking) that they undergo to toughen up before they're given the title of Berzerker really weeds out the men from the boys. The fact that they spend most of their coin on booze also makes them fairly popular with the local watering holes too.


  • Blister Peak Mercenaries
  • Al'Victus Garrison
  • Al'Drommo Garrison


Armament Name AR Bonus Cost


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost

Secondary ProtectionEdit

Armor Name DR Bonus Cost


Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

SECONDARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)