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Dwarven Earth Sage
  • T: Hybrid
  • O: Monstrosity
  • A: Magic
  • D: Armor

The Dwarven Earth Sage is part of the mystic caste of the stout folk of the Skyclaw Ridge Mountains. Their artform differs significantly from most other arcane practices, as their magic is based on a mutual respect for the earth's strength and its capacity for destruction when necessary. It is said that the Earth Sages themselves seemlngly become rock itself over time as their affinity for stone grows, as does their stubborness and explosive temper.

In addition to being able to cause the very earth to explode and lava to spray from their artifacts, the Earth Sage commands, or more accurately bonds with, an elemental being, who's existence becomes linked with their own. Earth Sages disagree on the true nature of this being, as to whether it's an extension of the dwarf itself, or a form of co-operative elemental, and there may in fact be more than one answer to this question. The fact that having a rock beast as a best friend tends to make people more polite to you is however, less open to debate.