A positive outcome

Gambling is a recreational thing to do ingame to gain more money (or lose it) for items you may want or if you just want more money. You can Bet your entire stash of banked gold and gain Double or lose all of it. You can also bet variable ammounts from 1 to any number you want as long as it stays within your limit (Banked Gold). In all Honesty Gambling is an easy way to Win some or lose some. You have a 47% chance of actually winning, it may seem good, but winning is a hard cookie to get.


Rooski Wand roulette: you holda semi charged wand to your head and say the magic word then Zap... or no zap. person who gets zapped looses.



Mung Skull: Put a Copper pot on your head and bash heads with your opponent, the one that goes unconcious losses.

Chug-a-lugs, Drink alot of ale then run around the tavern, then your opponent goes, and over and over until you cant go anymore, Looser passes out.

Raindeer Games (refrence to a Holiday called Festivus): Drink some ale then get down on all fours and scamper around the tavern with a sack of cabbage between your teeth. samething with Chug-a-lugs, looser passes out.

Gambling Den

47% chance.... ILL TAKE IT