Fabled amongst explorers is the Gortunga Vault, or to be slightly more descriptive, the place where all those filthy little gnomes hold their stolen treasures. Yes, it seems that the race which prizes itself on its ability to take others possessions, is itself more than a little paranoid about having the favour returned, and has set up what they would call a secure banking system protected by the mightiest warriors and magic that stolen money can buy. The immense vault doors, strong bars, diabolical traps and deadly killing machines are all highly visible, to try and scare off would be thieves, adventurers, and other people seeking return of what was until recently theirs. Make no mistake, this is one place where no gnome will allow outsiders to pass through, and nosy adventurers are hunted down without mercy for the trouble they would cause.

Sublocation for Underworld, level range 39-42.