Some legends tell of acts of betrayal that cut so deep, that affect so many people for so long, that the very ground they are committed upon becomes cursed. It is hard to believe that the resplendent and eerie city of Karkath-Teer is such a place, with its magnificent bas-reliefs and statues carved hundreds of feet tall in the sandstone. Perhaps it was the Old Empire from before the disaster who founded this strange, vertical city in the side of the cliffs, but such tales are lost now to time. Nothing now lives within these grand concourses, vertigo-inducing galleries and shaft-lit plazas. Yet something stirs, a scratching of bones and shuffling of decayed feet, emerging from the shadows to ensure that those who seek to claim the city's treasures, are themselves claimed...

Sublocation for Chasms of Craeth, levels 36-39


the former King and Hero