The Krakesh Rainforest is a huge sprawling mess of deadly plants and even deadlier wildlife, stretching far into the warmer southern climate and forming yet another natural barrier against civilization. Although overwhelmingly green, the many and varied plants and mostly harmless creatures which swing, zoom and scamper make the landscape a beautiful one. Sadly, admirers wishing to stand back and appreciate the glory of this place are usually interrupted by something large, shaggy or deadly intent on making a meal of the newcomer who's silly enough to stand still for too long or turn their back on the inconspicuous plant. Also, those thinking that colourful plants are pretty should be aware that the jungle is home to over 200 catalogued species of carnivorous plants, some large enough to consume a horse given enough time. Several rivers flow through the rainforest, and the ruins of many old cities are often stumbled apon by adventurers seeking fortune and glory. The lands which are now over run with the rainforest were supposedly once home to several civilizations both great and small. For now though, it's obvious that if there is any rule of law in the area, it's the law of the wild. Almost everything is food for something else, and nothing stops the jungle from sprawling across any and everything.

The level range for this location is 25-40.

Sub-locations for this area include: