Also known as the clockwork city, Mechanothodica serves as an immense factory and imitation of a bustling and perfectly organized humanoid city. There is nothing left to chance, with everything working at maximum capacity and efficiency. Everything has its place and fulfills its role perfectly, with each movement, act or decision made with perfect accuracy. In contrast to the wild landscape that surrounds this place, Mechanothodica is a bastion of ordered perfection taken to the extreme. Yet this place does not exist in isolation. At every corner, adjustments and recalculations need to be made after frequent assaults not only by the inhabitants of Primordia, but the very land itself trying to either consume or expel this place and remove any attempt to tame the wild lands.

Seemingly indestructible towers blasting streams of energy across the land to each other serve as some sort of power generation, and occasionally as a defense mechanism for critical locations, such as the factories which churn out the near limitless mechanical warrior drones, battle constructs, and automated gardeners. The city obviously has some automated mining facilities built in it, tapping into the huge reserves of metals and other materials beneath the soil of Primordia. Most likely, they've also built up a cache of precious metals ripe for the taking for brave explorers.

The question of why Mechanothodica is here has most sages baffled, however there are a few theories that have gained some credibility. One is that there is a form of political war going on between order and chaos, each seeking to diminish the others control over this land while holding on to their own. There are also less noble theories that there's something incredibly valuable being harvested by the constructs, either for themselves or someone else who can afford to control a clockwork army of a size unseen anywhere else. Whatever the case, the automations are dug in deep and seem to be able to repel anything the chaotic surroundings throw at them, at least for now.

Sublocation of Primordia.