Moon Elf Ranger:

  • T: Ranged
  • O: Solo
  • A: Stealth
  • D: Armor

The Rangers of the Moon Elves are the primary guardians of their people, watching and defending against threats with their poison soaked arrows and mighty bows. From the shadows, they bring death silently and swiftly to all who would oppose them or threaten their allies. They are particularly watchful over the shattered sites of their old outworlder masters, ever mindful to never again allow their people to be enslaved and turned into religious fanatics in the name of a demonic monstrosity.

The ritual marks of the Rangers on their body form part of a continually growing series of tattoos, speaking greatly of accomplishments and rank amongst their own kin. They are not replaced, but rather added to, until the Ranger's body is fully covered from head to toe. Opponents would do well to fear such a Ranger, should they have the chance to see them first.

Moon Elf Rangers are feared far and wide for their skill with the bow and their sturdy armor, although their unarmed fighting technique, enhanced by the enchanted tattoo's, is not to be underestimated either. This martial training technique has made them adept at remaining silent and almost impossible to detect, especially in their favored terrain of dense woodlands.