The Mountain Kingdoms are an alliance of Humans, Dwarves and Moon Elves that make their homes in the peaks, valleys and slopes of the Skyclaw Ridge Mountains. This alliance has existed in its current form for hundreds of years, and although disputes between their peoples do occur, actual violence is rare.

Preserving the peace between each of the Kingdoms is the Pact of the 3 Lords, stating that when under threat by outsiders, they shall put aside any internal conflicts and come to each others aid. Despite being open to creative interpretations, the Pact has kept the Mountain Kingdoms strong and able to defend against the ever present dangers of their homeland, and beyond. Each of the races has several settlements that they claim as their own, however mingling of the races is fairly commonplace, and it's common to see representatives from all races form their own communities within a larger dominant one.

The history of the Mountain Kingdoms is a long tale of war, tragedy and eventual triumph, which has more to do with the bond shared between the peoples of this realm than any political pact could ever enforce. Their prosperity and survival is as intertwined as their history, with each species playing their part to create a greater whole.

While they lack the technology of the Steel Empire, and the raw magic of Deadlands, their diversity and resourcefulness has enabled them to succeed, with a mix of martial prowess, elemental magic, and bending the very fabric of nature to their purposes.

The Mountain Kingdoms classes are: