The Necromancer:
  • T: Hybrid
  • O: Group
  • A: Phyisical
  • D: Armor

The necromancers are jokingly referred to as the backbone of the Deadlands armed forces, a badge which they wear with pride. Commanding hordes of undead with their dark arts, and tasked with the defense of their homeland from would be aggressors, it's said that the Gate Council itself is made up primarily of ancient Necromancers from the old days. Their mastery over the Twin Gates of Life and Death are second to none, and all necromancers strive to eventually be able to tap into the raw powers of oblivion for both their own purposes, and the defense of their homeland.

Relying on their magic to summon wall after undying wall of cannon fodder to overwhelm their foes, the Necromancer typically uses the fallen bodies of his enemies to bolster the ranks of his own troops, amassing a horde of servants to do his bidding. With their mastery over death comes the ability to utilize magic to help create more 'raw material' to work with. Necromancers are respected, and greatly feared outside their own realm for their potency, and were it not for the lingering smell of corpses that follows them around, would probably find gainful employment in many cities garrisons.


  • Soulforge Academy
  • Bonekeep University
  • Xithan Gate Keeper's College


Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Deadthing Poker 8 N/A
Glowing Shovelstaff 16 300
Sickly Glowing Wand 24 600
Bone Needle Flinger 32 1,100
Dreadpine Wand of Bone Shattering 40 2,300
Bone Wand of Chronic Arthritis 48 4,100
Dreadpine Rod of Lesser Command 56 6,800
Metalic Bone Needle Sprayer 64 10,800
Enchanted Mallet of Fracturing 70 16,100


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Lice Ridden Rags 8 N/A
Grubby Clothing 16 300
Torn but Thick Clothing 24 600
Maggot Riddled Leather Armor Pieces 32 1,100
Studded Leather Armor and Rusty Helmets 40 2,300
Rusty Steel Scale Armor 48 4,100
Rusty but Effective Steel Chainmail 56 6,800
Steel Chainmail and Helmets 64 10,800
Patchy Light Steel Platemail 72 16,100

Primary SupportEdit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Handful of Brittle Skeletal Minions 16 N/A
Miserable Bags of Bones 32 600
Evil Band of Skeletal Minions 48 1,700
Huge Band of Skeletal Troops 64 4,100
Pack of Skeletal Warriors 96 13,400
Cackling Horde of Skeletal Warriors 112 25,400
Enslaved Band of Skeletal Mercenaries 128 42,100
Forgotten Order of Skeletal Knights 144 63,800
Bound Zombie Pack 176 111,000

Secondary SupportEdit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Symbolic Key Necklace 6 N/A
Bone Key Necklace 30 2,600
Runed Bone Key Necklace 60 23,600

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

SECONDARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

SECONDARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

SECONDARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)