The Planar Crossroads are a collection of merged cities existing in the realm between the planes. It is rumored to be at the center of existence, yet at the same time part of no actual plane. For as long as anyone can remember, it has stood as a gigantic city, spanning hundreds of miles in all directions before eventually looping back on itself through the use of twisted dimensional manipulation magic. All things that exist eventually pass through this hub of commerce, and all things can be bought and sold for the right price and with the right connections. The only laws that apply are the laws of trade, with the rights to violent acts available for purchase on a merchantile exchange alongside fruit from a cart. Travel to and from the Planar Crossroads is made through the use of highly regulated portals, which are only available to outsiders of sufficient wealth and power... That is, until recently.

Something has gone terribly wrong in this hub of extra dimensional commerce. Portals have ripped open to other places across the continent-spanning city, stopping all control over who and what comes in and goes out of this trade mecca. The chaos is turning the once orderly streets (relatively speaking) into a massive battleground that the Ganjei Planeswalkers Militia can no longer control. Fiends and denizens from across the planes alike have come to stake out their claim to whatever they can grab, and the once seemingly invincible Ganjei seem at a loss to stop them, retreating to their strongholds, only sending out patrols when they can afford to spare the manpower.

Given the amount of ground to cover and that their usual means of near instant travel via the use of the Azure Gates has failed (likely linked to the portals springing up at random), the city has fallen into anarchy, with its inhabitants turning to more primitive means of protection and resource acquisition. To the Ganjei's credit, the city still seems to run on some level, as the shops and establishments continue to open, and those who never enjoyed the protection of the Militia suddenly finding the playing field leveled. Given that whatever riches can be found throughout the universe somehow end up here, the time for brave adventurers to make their mark on the chaos of this place is now.

The Planar Crossroads are an Elite Location, accessable to players over level 50.

Sublocations include: