Arriving in Primordia is said to be akin to waking up in a dreamland of nature at its finest and most unstoppable glory. Typically however, travelers who reach this place did so via traversing the many layers of the underdark to eventually emerge on the inner side of the shell which makes up the surface of the world, or using one of the magical portals to this inner world that have sprung up over the surface world recently. The lands of Primordia are indeed part of the inside of the world, with a miniature sun beaming down its light constantly over the entire land.

The land itself is full of immense beasts, bugs, goo, and other magical beings of the fey lands who seem more in tune with the wildness of untamed nature. Seemingly in opposition to this, bands of patrolling constructs also wander the land, seeking to control and harness its natural reserves for their (or their masters) designs. This battle between nature and machine seems to endlessly continue, and adventurers would be well advised to stay out of the way when a full scale battle between the two sides erupts.

Despite this constant conflict, the land itself seems to grow and regenerate at a fantastic rate, with everything bigger and more intimidating than on the surface. The very primal aspects of nature make their home here in the seemingly endless wilderness, with raw minerals and riches to be found, as well as highly sought after magical reagents, and of course spare parts on the army of golems and drones which stomp their way through the land trying to tame it.

Some of the bosses include:

  • Churnout Prime, Tixon Gizmoid Hatchery (construct)
  • Thuonji Ten Maws, Nagroddi Otyug Overseer (Goo)
  • And others to be added later....

Sub-locations Include: