Formerly a proud outpost and home to many citizens, this now ruined city has fallen into anarchy ever since a huge pirate fleet came and defeated the cities previous rulers. Now over run with pirates, bandits, thieves and bands of mercenaries, most honest folk have fled the once bustling streets in favor of safer parts, and there's no longer any actual government or police force, but rather one massive black market loosely held together by several semi-warring factions, still picking over the remains of this city as they see fit. The River Pirates of the Sandy Beggar, the Undead Sailors of the Rancid Roamer, and the Endless Swarms of Gnorl Pirates of the Long Whisker from across the High Seas have all claimed their turf in the city while they pick over the ruins, possibly searching for something, or perhaps just too disorganized to leave. The smoking remains of the city can be seen along the peninsula of Stromm, as sporadic conflict breaks out between groups over turf (or more accurately scavenging rights). Once the coalition of groups that banded together to bring down this city accomplished their task of removing the previous rulers, they fell into infighting over pillaging rights and the war began anew, bringing a ripe opportunity for adventurers to make the most of the confusion and liberate the murderous bastards of some of their ill gotten gains.

The level range is from 20-35

Sub-locations in this area include: