Primary Monster: Goblinoid, Secondary monster: Giantkin

The Shattered Highlands run from the Skyclaw Ridge mountains across to the Dreadmarsh Swamplands, and in ages past have been home to many of the people's who now make their homes in the Mountain Kingdoms. Driven out of their homes by an invasion of beasts and goblinoid armies in centuries past, the remnants of their civilization can still be seen today, although most are over-run with monsters and savage brutes. Although no formal army now occupies these lands, its inhabitants fiercely defend their turf against outsiders seeking to recover the lost treasures of these old kingdoms. To make matters worse, evil cults have taken up residence in some of the ruins, performing all manner of rituals, often on kidnapped townsfolk. Adventure here is not without its rewards though. Scattered amongst the rocky grasslands and jagged cliff faces are all manner of old battle sites, dens of evil, and once mighty strongholds and complexes, ripe for plunder by the bold. The ravines, once filled with raging water from the nearby snowcapped mountains, form a natural barrier for travel, and also an ideal hiding place for those wishing to keep their riches hidden away.

Region levels: 1-20

This location has several sub-locations which include: