"The Skyclaw Ridge Mountains, named for their shape resembling an outstretched talon reaching into the clouds, are home to many people and creatures. Bordering the lands of the Mountain Kingdoms and forming a natural barrier to the Bravaki Wastelands and the Ashpeak Mountains, they are a source of much history and adventure for many an explorer. The mountainside itself is covered in a wild pine forest, typically covered in snow for most of the year, and is home to countless caves and underground lairs. The occasional structure of long ago can be found both on and in the mountain, and the depths of the mountain range are rumored to be linked into the extremely dangerous Underworld. Thankfully, if there are any openings, they are either blocked off or guarded, otherwise the area would be crawling with powerful monsters only too happy to make a meal of the surrounding populace."

-Official Dragon Tavern Description

The Skyclaw Ridge Mountain range is one of two starting locations in game for players lvl 1-20. in game story shows it as a heavily forrested region with Large majestic peaks that extend towards the heavens. at one peak it seems like 3 or so Claw like peaks. Also in the story the Skyclaws are the location of the Mountain Kingdoms, and lying Underneath the mountain range is the Underworld (not spiritual).

sub-locations in this region include: