The infamous City of the Trolls sits almost in the centre of the Dreadmarsh, dominating the lands around it, and acting as a bastion of troll power in the region. Each clan of trolls has representatives here in their city, under the rule of The Grand Sledge, who uses this place to broker alliances between the warlike troll clans. New to Sledge Den is also the School of Necromancy, which has sprung up in recent times after the trolls managed to adapt to what their foes in the Deadlands have begun to use against them. Given trolls have the ability to regenerate and do not die of natural causes, the concept of death has always facinated them, and they have proven to be quick studies on the subject in some respects (due to lack of morals), but unable to grasp certain others (due to lack of cultural relevance). Any would be hero seeking to assail the walls of the Sledge Den and head into the warrens beneath the squat buildings should be ready for a real fight, as the trolls do not appreciate unwelcome guests trying to steal their riches.

Sublocation for Dreadmarsh, level range 31-34.