Like a tear made with eldrich glass, bursting through a fine silk tapestry in the sky, this gateway to the Primordial Elemental Chaos sprung up shortly after the gang wars between factions of the Crossroads started fighting. Whether as a result of this or its original reason, beasts and warriors from the deep underverse have come through, seeking to take advantage of the confusion created and strike at their foes the Ganjei, who have for so long kept them banished from this place to keep the peace. What's worse, they have established their beachhead for their assault inside one of the primary fortresses of the ruling military, the Spike of Najei, second only to the Blade Spire in terms of size and reputation. From here, they seem content to consolidate their power for now, but if history has taught us anything, it's that the forces from the deep realm will not stay still for long, and sooner or later they will pour through from their bastion of power to unleash slaughter and destruction on those around them.

Sublocation for Planar Crossroads.