The notorious Stangwood Forest covers an area of over 5000 square miles, with trees towering well over 40 feet into the sky at some points, with bases so thick you could build several houses side by side on them. The woods are a place of mystery and danger for most travellers, with rumors of fae, goblins, angry druids and all manner of things (possibly even a dragon or two!) that make their home here. Incursions into the woods by loggers and other people hoping to bring civilization to these parts have a nasty habit of failing for any number of reasons, from wild animal attacks, goblinoid raids, and stranger reasons, such as everyone simultaneously deciding its just a better idea to leave as soon as possible, and not really remembering when they made that choice. Still, the woods offer no shortage of adventure and reward, as ruins and lairs abound in this place, no doubt guarding large treasure hoards and ancient magical artifacts.

Level range is from 15-30.

Sub-locations include: