The Steel Empire, under the leadership of their God Emperor Ajen, have come to rely on the wonders of technology rather than any blasphemous witchcraft, as often used by the other races of the so called civilized lands. They have an extremely xenophobic view of the world and outsiders, believing that all must submit to the will of their God Emperor, or suffer his wrath.

Were they not constantly under threat from the vile beasts that make their home in the Ashpeak Mountains, they would probably turn their full attention towards the other realms in order to cleanse the land of foul sorcery and lesser kings. As it stands now however, they are in a near constant state of warfare with the wilds at their doorstep, and reluctantly accept that they must first secure their doorstep before they can step outside and enlighten the other races to the God Emperor's divinity.

Although their outlook may seem harsh to others, one must remember that under the threat of constant slavery or annihilation, the people of the steel empire rely on the power of Emperor Ajen, who uses his Acolytes to act as a conduit for his divine will. It is his power which gives the Steel Empire a chance at survival, to hold the Ashpeak Mountain horrors at bay, keeping their populace safe. Legends around the Emperor's rise outside the empire tell of a powerful being that somehow ascended to godhood. Inside the Empire, he has always been their sacred protector, existing since the times when their ancestors crossed the great sea and first settled this land.

What the Steel Empire lacks in Magic ability they more than make up for with technology and zealous belief in their eventual triumph. Their people live in a state of fearful devotion, with humans outsiders barely tolerated, and non-humans treated little better than slaves, and at worst lynched for minor infractions.

Settlements include:

  • Ajendra
  • Vokai (capital)
  • Bedua
  • Dacia

Steel Empire classes include: