02-7 Temple of Xaishann

Much like the ruins of Xaivann, Xaishann was another temple dedicated to one of the powerful Outworld self professed gods, that once ruled over the Moon Elves. The temple itself is in only slightly better shape than its counterpart, but the inhabitants seem to have accumulated some measure of magical skill, likely due to the teachings of one of the humans from nearby who already understood the art of magic before coming under the cults spell. Legends say that Xaishann was Xaivann's mother, or possibly lover (or disturbingly, possibly both, such were the practices of the Outworld entities that once ruled over the Moon Elves long ago). The temple itself appears to be a circular structure with a large elegant hand reaching for the stars from its ceiling, almost appearing to be moulded rather than constructed, out of a strange marble like stone. Many cracks now run through the entire building, and the ring finger of the outstretched hand has been destroyed, or perhaps removed.

Primary Monster: Humanoid, Secondary monster: Undead

Sublocation for Shattered Highlands, levels 13-16