Now known as a false god by the Moon Elves who once worshipped him, Xaivann was a powerful Outworlder (Shu'Roi in the Moon Elf native tongue) who managed to enchant the population with powerful magic, turning the immortal moon elves into his fanatical worshippers, before they broke his spell with the aid of the Mountain Kingdoms. Xaivann himself was banished back to wherever such beings go when their physical body is destroyed, however his Temple still remains. These days, cultists from the human settlements nearby congregate here, hoping to earn the favor of Xaivann, preaching his return and their ascendance to favored servants, a prospect most distasteful to the Moon Elves especially. For all their boasting, very little true power has come from the cult, but their numbers grow with each year, and they could become a threat if left unchecked. The ruins themselves appear to be a series of domed buildings connected via arched tunnels, made out of a white marble like stone. Many cracks and lightning scorched blast holes appear in the walls of each dome, telling much about the method of entry into the temple when it was attacked long ago.

Primary Monster: Humanoid, Secondary monster: Undead

Sublocation for Shattered Highlands, levels 4-7.