Local Legend speaks of the Blasted Stone once being a hollowed out temple of the Dwarven Stone priests. During the final invasion of the goblinoids, the Dwarves encased their scholars in what they thought to be an impenetrable stone fortress. Thinking themselves secure, they allowed the enemy to surround them. What followed next is a matter of much speculation, but the evidence shows a massive blast from some form of explosive or magic had torn through the entire stone block, and out the other side. The devastation caused was so bad those inside were either killed or forced to retreat. Sadly, there was not much left to plunder from the place, such was the damage. Now, a crumbling stone block the size of several giants standing on each others shoulders and as wide as a mighty warship stands alone on a hill, a sad reminder of the folly of thinking yourself completely safe behind strong walls. Regardless, in the rubble the occasional trinket from the dwarven scholars has been uncovered, and at the very least, the remains of those who previously had sought to plunder these ruins and fallen prey to its inhabitants are still here.

Primary Monster: Goblinoid, Secondary monster: Undead

Sublocation for Shattered Highlands, levels 10-13.