The Blight represents one thing to outsiders, and that is death. The desolate terrain, constant dust storms and savage inhabitants make it one of the most unappealing places to visit known to man. The lands of the Blight are well known to be home to the fiercest goblinoid and giant tribes, who are often ruled by dragons. To make matters worse, certain parts of the Blight are so saturated with death that greater undead have been able to push through the gates of life on their own, running rampant.

The dragon nobles that inhabit this region typically claim entire tribes of lessers for themselves, and several factions have broken away from this common practice and begun to cultivate the undead rather than the living, which has caused quite an amount of infighting between the mighty beasts as they posture for dominance over each other, over land, prestige and ideology.

This infighting is likely just calm before the storm for most citizens of the civilized lands, as once one faction in the Blight asserts its dominance, their next step is conquest of the humanoid lands. Left undirected, the wild bloodlust of their armies would eventually consume itself, so best to send them off to plunder the riches of the humans and increase their wealth, than have their own resources expended in another internal war.

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