Don't think that your Characters can get a good drink in the Tavern?

Well guess what? They CAN. You can get them drunk too.

All drinks on The Drinks Menu are accessible at around level 8 after achieving the title:legal drinker. Also, all drinks give special, "side effects" that can help your character out in the wilds. The drinks can be
The Drinks Menue

The Menu

broken down into two categorys:
  • Standard Drinks
  • Premium Drinks

Standard drinks only cost gold, Premium Drinks cost gold and credits (what you use to buy advantages), credits can be gotten while your character is out and about killing bosses or they can be bought with real world money. Now to the Menu.

Standard Drinks Include:

Premium Drinks include:

Gold prices for drinks may vary from character to character, but the charge of 2 credits is fixed.

An immortal power, title:Legendary Drinker, allows drinking 10 drinks before feeling any side effects of a regular mortal drinker.

Drinking the drinks in the Tavern can also lead to tavern brawls and other tavern activities, some will gain/lose gold, xp or action points.