This dusty and cobweb filled place resides in a fairly large chamber, and almost visibly radiates evil intent to all who pass near. The Forsaken Tomb is said to be home to a clan of blood sucking nosferatu that decided ruling the night was not enough for them, and living in a place where the sun never rises was the only safe way to live out the life of an immortal with a serious sun tan allergy. Attended to by their mind controlled servants, who are themselves kept alive for centuries on the blood of their masters, the tomb is a den of horrors that only the incredibly brave or suicidal would venture into. The nosferatu clan did take their fortune with them before leaving the surface world, and this has been more than enough to tempt many adventurers to test their skills against the undead lords, but few succeed in exploring many of the old stone hallways of this castle with no outer walls.

Sublocation for Underworld, level range 41-44.