Before you stands a large open cavern with an entrance wide enough to pass an army through, and what appears to be a moat of lava running around a smaller cliff like fortress of stone jutting out of the very earth, surrounded by jagged rocks that look suspiciously like the teeth of a giant monster. Now thatyou're standing here, you sense you have probably walked through the mountain caverns almost to the furthest side of the mountain range, if nothing else due to the sensation of heat coming through from the Ashpeak mountains nearby, if not for the abundance of lava. Then again it could be the occasional screech of the fearsome Emberscale drakes that can be heard which gives it away. This is probably one of the most dangerous places in all of the Skyclaw Ridge Mountains, so only the experienced adventurer should even consider going further.

Sublocation for Skyclaw Ridge Mountains, level range 16-20