An NPC Toad subwindow and combat encounter showing TOAD in effect

  • Tactics: Ranged, Melee, or Hybrid. Melee is strong against Hybrid, which is strong against Ranged, which is strong against Melee
  • Organization: Group, Solo or Monstrosity. Monstrosity is strong against Group, which is strong against Solo, which is strong against Monstrosity.
  • Attack Type: Physical, Magic or Stealth. Physical is strong against the Evasion defense and weak against Ward. Magic is strong against the Armor defense and weak against Evasion. Stealth is strong against the Ward defense and weak against Armor.
  • Defense Type: Armor, Evasion, or Ward.

The TOAD is Dragon Taverns System for all classes including NPC's. this is the most important Game mechanic when it comes to leveling or combat. Each attribute according to TOAD is variable to each class. In combat, for each TOAD type that the player has which is stronger than the monster's corresponding TOAD counter, the player gets a +3% success chance bonus. Likewise, for each that the player has that is weak to the monster's counter, the player gets a -3% success chance penalty, for a sum total up to +12% or -12%. There are various skills available to train as you level up to improve your chances against each TOAD tactic. It is recommended that you train up the ones that your particular TOAD style is weak against first.

The Mechanics of TOAD:

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